Cute Little Wire case

Posted on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 in cases by DP

Here is a custom case built for the Little Wire:

This version of the Little Wire is the probably best derivative work i have ever seen! So cute and beautiful! Well done : )

Little Wire is multi-featured USB controlled open source hardware tool packed in a minimal form factor designed by Ihsan Kehribar. Even though it has minimal form factor, it’s packed with full of features. There aren’t any SMT components involved, so it is very suitable for beginners to assemble.

Via the forum.

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  1. Jenna Fox says:

    I actually made it a few weeks ago and didn’t post pictures till recently because I’d been embarrassed about how ugly it is! But people seem to like it. Sculpey is a really great way to make enclosures for little electronic gadgets. Most solderable components are specified to withstand hundreds of degrees, while Sculpey (and Fimo and other competitors) thermoset at about 130°C, at roughly half an hour per 6mm thickness. The only tricky part I’ve come up against are batteries, which hate high temperatures, and needing to do software updates after baking something in place. Thankfully the LittleWire comes with a bootloader so I should be able to hook up to the ISP headers on the top and use it to reverse program it!

    For my other gadgets I’ve been working on a little usb bootloader for attiny85’s. It’s not quite ready for real world use yet, but it’s already under 2.1kb, so it’s close to being the first open source 2.0kb usb bootloader for attiny85! check it out if that sounds like something you’d be keen on. I expect to have a stable version ready in a few more days.

    P.S. If you like the sculpey style but don’t fancy the DIY, I’m selling a few remoddled USB flash drives over on my etsy though really if you have the motivation, make some of your own! It’s really fun and a nice social thing for a few people to do together.

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