Workshop Update for September 7th, 2012

Posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

Today we soldered up Nixie tube thing blocks. We wrote a small sketch for the Arduino to turn on/off each filament on the Nixie board in a loop. It works great. We also played around with a VFD tube (pictured above), trying to get it to light up.

We wrote and scheduled the app note posts coming this weekend. Continued working on upcoming tutorials.

We fixed the dimension on the IN-12 Nixie tube footprint, based on actual measurement. Continued to tweak the ATX Breakout Board v2 in KiCad, this time moving some outputs around, and fixing up silk issues. We made our silk logo in KiCad.

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5 Responses to “Workshop Update for September 7th, 2012”

  1. neslekkim says:

    I have tried to send you email via forum@da…. but you don’t answer, my account have been deleted twice, so I want to know what is happening.
    I guess I havent offended anyone since I havent posted anything yet :)

  2. Gel Banana says:

    It’s kinda troublesome to design a project that uses vfd as it requires 3 sets of supply voltage. My IV-11 tubes are collecting dust since I don’t have the motivation to get a project started

    • tayken says:

      Hmm, really? I have a couple of VFDs that require only 2 voltages: for filament (1.5 V) and for grid+segments. Couldn’t find a third on IV-11 datasheet, are you talking about 5V for uC supply?

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