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App note: 400MHz, 2500V/µs, 9mA single/dual operational amplifiers

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400MHz, 2500V/µs, 9mA single/dual operational amplifiers (PDF!) application note from Linear Technology: FEATURES 400MHz Gain Bandwidth Product 2500V/μs Slew Rate –85dBc Distortion at 5MHz 9mA Supply Current Per Amplifier 6nV/√Hz Input Noise Voltage Unity-Gain Stable 1.5mV Maximum Input Offset Voltage 8μA Maximum … Read more

App note – Power distribution system (PDS) design: Using bypass/decoupling capacitors

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An app note (PDF!) from Xilinx on power distribution system (PDS) design using bypass/decoupling capacitors: This application note specifies how to build power distribution systems for Virtex™ devices. It also covers the basic principles of power distribution systems and bypass or … Read more

App note: Charge and discharge application of electrolytic capacitor

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An application note from Rubycon about what causes electrolytic capacitors to deteriorate. PDF link is Here. Performance deterioration of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is accelerated by repeated charge and discharge. The speed of deterioration is determined by operating conditions. For example, … Read more

App note: SMBus communication for small form factor device families

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SMBus specifications and example implementation on Silabs’ C8051F3xx and C8051F41x. App note here(PDF) This   application   note   describes   the   SMBus specification,  how  to  configure  and  use  the  on-chip SMBus  interface,  and  SMBus  debugging  techniques. Code  examples  written  in  C  provide  the  … Read more

App note: Improving ADC resolution by oversampling and averaging

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Silicon Labs’ application note (PDF!) on improving ADC resolution  by oversampling and averaging: This application note describes utilizing oversampling and averaging to increase the resolution and SNR of analog-to-digital conversions. Oversampling and averaging can increase the resolution of a measurement without resorting … Read more