Workshop Update for July 13th, 2012

We played with the site theme a bit. There’s a temporary theme on the wiki right now. We sent a few projects out for a quote, including an acrylic case for the ATX power supply. WordPress, plugin, and server updates went smoothly today.

In hardware design we fixed the little spelling mistake on the Part Ninja board, it’s committed to SVN under v1d. We made a new Eagle wiki on assigning shortcut keys, and made a new part for our library,  a small 3mmx6mm SMD button.

The secret project firmware is completely documented now, and is ready for some alpha testing. We also expanded the blog schedule wiki, to better describe various feature posts we do on the blog.



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    1. You mean with the new layout on the wiki? Another thing is that it assumes landscape layout, so now I have to scroll horizontally..

  1. 40% wasted?
    The Pagewidth is now +100px and both Sidebars (left,right) are moved to the right Side to give back the wasted 400px ;) This gives 600px | 400px Space for Content and not 600px only!

    @magetoo wich browser and whats your Screenwidth ? Ive tested it in IE9/Firefox/Chrome cant reproduce.

    1. The issue is that I always keep browser windows in portrait orientation (like a printed page of text would be). I am sure it looks fine if you have a wide display and maximise windows.

      That is not something you can assume everyone will do, though. And did we not stop coding for specific resolutions once the nineties were over? It is just poor design, IMHO.

      1. The final becomes fluid widths but this is an Override only atm. And yeah the 90’s are over and 800×600/1024×768 Screenres too :D

      2. Cool, looking forward to the final design. At least you can do all this tweaking in stylesheets nowadays..

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