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We post around 6-8 posts every day. Here is the schedule for featured posts we do every week.

Weekly Blog Schedule
FeaturesIdea, new 3D modelEagle tips or partsTutorial,Project preview, partlist postWorkshop video, new projectsWeek in previewTwo app notesTwo app notes
Free PCBsFree PCB over TwitterFree PCB over FacebookFree PCB Sunday
GiveawaysGiveaway announceGiveaway reminder Giveaway remind, winner announcement
  • Free PCB and Week in preview posts will be scheduled in the morning US eastern time.
  • Week in (p)review runs before free PCB Friday.


Feature Posts

Feature posts are topic specific posts we run during the week, they are usually scheduled at 17:00 blog time. With the exception of Workshop Update which runs at 23:00 every work day, and App note posts which run at 13:00, and 21:00 every Sunday, and Saturday

Workshop Update - every work day

Workshop updates are a collection of major hurdles that were encountered that day. They cover everything from any office news, project updates, bugs encountered etc...

New 3D model - every Monday

Every Monday we make a new 3D model and a rendering of one of our projects. Models are designed in SketchUp and rendered in Kerkythea. You can download them from our 3D Warehouse collection, or from our SVN, located inside 'art' folders of the modeled project folders.

Idea - Mondays when available

If we have a new idea for a project that we'd like to make, we'll share it on Mondays. This is usually a sketch, and a brief description on what the project will be about.

Eagle tips or parts - every Tuesday

Every Tuesday we'll post a tip for making life easier when designing PCBs with Cadsoft Eagle. Or instead of the tip we'll post a new part we added to out Eagle library.

Tutorial - every Wednesday

Every Wednesday we'll post a tutorial about anything related to our company. These can cover PCB design with Eagle, 3D modeling, case design, company administration, video production, miscellaneous electronics related stuff, etc...

Project preview - Wednesday when available

If we have a new project we'd like to preview, we'll do it on a Wednesday. This covers photo of the project, schematics, and a basic explanation of the projects functionality.

Partlist post - Wednesday when available

If we add a new part to our partlist, we'll talk about it on a Wednesday. This will cover, the part functionality, it's datasheet, and an explanation on how we intend to use it in one of our projects.

Workshop Video or new project video - every Thursday

Dangerous Prototypes original video presented by Ian. In these we cover the latest news projects, or interrogating electronics stuff we encounter in the workshop. If we go on electronics related trips like Maker Faires, Global Geek Tours etc... This is where we cover them.

Previous Videos are archived on the blog, and on our Youtube channel.

Week in preview - every Friday

A round up post featuring the major topic covered on the blog during the week.

App notes - two per day every Saturday and Sunday

Every weekend we bring you 4 app notes we find interesting that week. The come from industry giants like Microchip, Atmel, Maxim, Linear Technology, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, etc...

Daily schedule

Time of day US ESTBlog server timePost typeAuthor/s
7:00 EST11:00Regular postDP
9:00 EST13:00Regular postDP
11:00 EST15:00Regular postthe machinegeek
13:00 EST17:00Feature postDP/Ian/Filip
15:00 EST19:00Regular postDP
17:00 EST21:00Regular postDP
19:00 EST23:00Workshop UpdateDP
21:00 EST1:00Regular postthe machinegeek