Workshop Update May 14th, 2012

Today and tomorrow we’re preparing for the Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend.  Skot is going to display the DigitGrid project (show above) with us at Maker Faire. Stop by and check it out.

The taco crawl is booming this year. Jeff from MighyOhm is coming. Will you be there?

We’re packing all the cool stuff we’ll be showing off, as well as all the typical booth supplies like banners, cards, stickers, and of course a table cloth and extra USB cable. Several new projects were photographed for tutorials as we packed them.

In the Firmware department we’re pushing to finish the initial release candidate for the Part Ninja. Also we hope to get the POV Toy fully functional as well.

We built a 3D model of the POV Toy for today’s post, and rendered an image with Kerkythea.

In the office, we sent out the coupon codes for last weeks free PCB winners. We are also ordering some stuff that is running low at Seeed.

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  1. Have fun at the Maker Faire. If I ever visit the US again I’ll try to attend one of those. Hope you’ll shoot a video or some pictures to share!

    1. It is a hexadecimal display of our bankaccount-balance. Unfortunately it is signed superlong int so it is -1 :/

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