USBug: LPC1343 breakout board

USBug is a LPC1343 breakout board with USB capability. The bootloader appears as a USB flash drive, just drag a new firmware into the drive to update.

Basically, my board is a 40-pin LPC1343 breakout board with 12 MHz crystal, USB Connect detection and disconnect, MicroBuilder’s single-button ISP, ISP Header and the standard LPCXpresso user LED. I added proper USB ESD/EMC handling, all this on a 5×2 cm board…

I plan to release the project as open hardware under CC-BY-SA license soon, as I just soldered the first prototype and that it is working as expected.

Via the forum.

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  1. I like it, and I want one!

    Squonk: Are the pins on the right for expansion? If you ever decide to build and sell boards, would you consider having a r0ket compatible connector? (in short; basically SPI, I2C and three GPIO, plus Vcc and ground)

    1. Thank you! I will have to work faster then! In the meantime, you can drool at the 3D model :)

      The connector on the right is a standard ARM SWD header for debug purposes.

      As it is a breakout board, you have 36 out of the 48 LPC1343 chip pins that are routed to the 2×20 pins 0.1″ pitch headers (+ 2xGND/3V3/5V). So you get almost full access to the LPC1343’s GPIOs, SPI, I2C, UART, timer and ADC pins!

      The 2 buttons are one for RESET and the other is a single-press ISP button to enter into ROM-based bootloader, either UART or USB, depending if an USB cable is plugged in or not.

      1. Ah, I see. The reason for asking is that it seems to be a pretty decent choice for an expansion bus, and I would like to see it become more common.

        Of course one can always wire things up on the breadboard, but..

      2. The connector on the right is a standard 0.05″ (1.27 mm) pitch ARM SWD, so it is pretty small anyway.

        And beside the Arduino shield and its fancy sockets that are not aligned on a 0.1″ grid, there is no standard expansion connetor

      3. Right, and precisely because there is no good standard in common use is why it would be so nice to see that one adopted! But, I do realize that it makes much less sense for a breakout board.

        Looking forward to further updates on the project

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