28C3: Hack the planet with Code Hero and Makerhoods

Posted on Friday, February 17th, 2012 in code, skills, software, talks by the machinegeek

In this rapid fire lightning talk from the 28C3 Chaos Communication Congress held recently in Berlin, Alex Peake highlights the learning initiative known as Code Hero. “Code Hero, a game that teaches you how to make games so you can make games that teach everything else to make all knowledge playable.” (Well, that clears everything up.)

The project is currently funding through Kickstarter. The beta game code is available now in Windows and Mac versions.

Their motto is cool: Hack the Gibson, learn game code, learn web code, learn Linux.

Check out the Primerlabs Code Hero website for all the details. What’s shakin’ in your Makerhood?

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One Response to “28C3: Hack the planet with Code Hero and Makerhoods”

  1. sigs says:

    Unfortunately Code Hero has just as much to do with coding as Guitar Hero with playing an actual guitar.

    This should be clear to anyone from the first headline text on their page: “Code Hero is a game that teaches you how to make games with a code ray that shoots Javascript.”

    Javascript? I think you mean UnityScript? Peaker please.

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