Kinetis KWIKSTIK development board

Drone tipped us to the cheap development board for Kinetis MCUs:

Freescale has a neat looking “Kinetis KWIKSTIK” dev kit for $29 USD. This looks like an ARM Cortex M4(?) with LCD, audio out, IR, Mic, buzzer, SDCard, JTAG, & USB. The dev tools don’t look exactly FOSS though (typical).

Looks kinda’ cool. Would be a steal for ten bucks less maybe?

Marketing hype:

The KWIKSTIK is an ultra low-cost, all-in-one development tool for evaluating, developing and debugging Kinetis MCUs. It features the K40X256VLQ100 (144LQFP) MCU with USB, Touch Sensing and Segment LCD functionality. The KwikStik development tool can be used standalone or integrated with the Freescale Tower System. The on-board Segger™ J-Link™ debug interface allows the user to evaluate the features of the on-board Kinetis K40 MCU or to develop, debug and program their own target hardware based on any Kinetis MCU.

Thanks Drone! Via contact form.

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  1. I tested out the k40/k60 at one of those marketing day long things and they seem pretty nifty. They are cortex M4. The nicest thing for me was the RTOS support with the Freescale MQX offering for free (including a bunch of drivers for simple graphics, filesystem etc), and there is the Codewarrior IDE that Freescale offers that is code limited to 128K for these devices (the MQX RTOS starts at 12k compiled, so there is a decent amount of space). I’ve not used Codewarrior, so I don’t know how good it is. The DSP extensions should be useful for some, and the averaging A-D with PGA and compare is also nice.

  2. That is actually a pretty awesome deal if it comes with the Segger Jlink debugger. Even if you buy the edu version of the jlink, it is ~$70 iirc, with the standard jlink to be ~$340. I’d buy it just for the debugger, which hopefully can be used on other Cortex devices besides the Freescale parts. Still have to wait a month before they start shipping

  3. The edge connector is part of Freescale Tower evaluation system – we use it to provide USB connectivity.

  4. You can download the schematic from the freescale website.
    It says PCI-Express for the tower connector.

  5. I received KwikStik-K40,
    whether is it possible to obtain the source code to set the boot KwikStik-K40 company Freescale ?

  6. The card edge is PCI express form factor, but it has several MCU interfaces (including USB and much more) brought out to communicate with several peripheral modules on the Tower System. Plugging in the KwikStik to Tower you could quickly add WiFi, RF or other interfaces.

  7. The kwikstik is very nice, especially because you can use the j-link debugger with other ARM µCs! There is a pinheader (J8) where you can get the jtag signals from the onboard j-link chip.

    Even nicer: I got my kwikstik for free on such a evening seminar from freescale. :)

  8. Looking nice and a great feature list. $29 is a great price too.
    Unfortunately I have 2 out of 2 DoA. Let’s say they can not be used. A couple LEDs are on but the LCD display does not display anything. As this is the user interface for all the demos, it is practically useless.
    Anybody else with quality issues or is it just my unlucky day.

    I have filed a report with Freescale support, so far I have not been thriiled but to be fair, I have seen worse too.


    1. Have you checked the switch sw1. It must be set to ON to operate. Off position is to use the Segger jtag only.

  9. Un producto con relación con un coste demasiado bajo considerando que tiene un procesador con núcleo Cortex-M4, display, debugger jlink, interfaz táctil. El único defecto de este sistema es que el slot para tarjetas sd es inutilizable (a no ser que emulen el puerto SPI), ya que sorprendentemente los ingenieros de pounce consulting se equivocaron al conectar los pines de datos, posiblemente esta equivocación se deba a que de haber conectado correctamente los pines de la memoria SD, la placa de desarrollo se hubiera quedado sin puerto I2C. Pienso yo que, hubiera sido de más utilidad conectar la tarjeta correctamente, sacrificando el puerto I2C, sin embargo, hubiera quedado el puerto SPI que es de más utilidad. Otra de las cosas a considerar es que, aunque el microcontrolador puede ejercer los 2 roles USB, la interfaz física de la tarjeta de desarrollo sólo puede ejercer el rol de dispositivo USB esclavo. Si necesitan tener acceso al puerto SPI, I2C, USART, CAN, deberán de soldar cuidadosamente unos cables a la placa ó comprar la placa de expansión. Saludos!!

  10. A product with a cost ratio is too low considering it has a processor with Cortex-M4, display, debugger jlink, touch interface.
    The only shortcoming of this system is that the SD card slot is unusable (unless you emulate the SPI port),
    and surprisingly pounce consulting engineers were wrong to connect the data pins,
    this mistake may be because have correctly connected the pins of the SD memory,
    the development board had run out of I2C port.

    I think that would have been more useful to connect the card correctly,
    sacrificing the I2C port, however, would have been the SPI port is more useful.

    Another thing to consider is that while the microcontroller can perform the 2 roles
    USB physical interface card development can only take on the role of slave USB device.

    If you need access to port SPI, I2C, USART, CAN, should carefully solder wires to the motherboard
    or expansion card purchase.

  11. I just received the KwikStik but have the same problem as Bob T – blank LCD! Does anyone one else encounter the same problem? LEDs light up indicating the MCU does receive power. Is there an image or source of the default firmware available somewhere on the web?

    1. I had the same problem but after located the firmware on the freescale web site and installed code warrior
      all the required patch fixed many error msg and licence issue I was able to download the demo on the board and run it

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