Protostack v1.4 28pin AVR development board

Daniel Garcia, a friend of Dangerous Prototypes, released version 1.4 of the Protostack development board for ATMEGA8 and ATMEGA128. We really like the Protostack concept: it’s a general purpose development board that incorporates user feedback. It demonstrates the minimum circuit to get a 28pin AVR chip working, and has a large prototyping area to implement your own designs.

I released a new version of my 28 pin AVR board. The new version (1.4) has 4 improvements over the previous version (1.3):

  • Addition of power supply section
  • ISP-6 interface is now 2×3 pin instead of 1×6 pin
  • Addition of IDC/Double row header section
  • Clearer labeling of power buses

We have a v1.3 board, we’ll demonstrate it with the Bus Pirate soon. The v1.4 board includes a voltage regulator section, which makes it a very well rounded development platform for $15-$20, including shipping.

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