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MatthiasW over at DebuggingLab posted his DIY Weller station clone project, that is available at Github:

At the Forum I read about a DIY Weller station. Basically an Arduino shield to drive a Weller soldering tip. As there is not much to it, the board simply contains an precision OpAmp, a power MOSFET, 2 buttons for adjusting the temperature and a display to show the current values. This design looks like a good starting point for my own advanced project. As I have lately discovered a 1,8 inch SPI TFT at for an amazing price ( ~ 4.60 $ / 3,70 €), I started using them regularly in my projects. So I surely wanted to use it with this soldering station as well.

Via the comments.

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  1. That is really cool. Would love to build one and mod my old Weller. Sucks you have to buy 10 boards though.

  2. 10 boards are bit much, thats true, but they are so cheap :). And you can always use the spare boards for prototyping with the arduino pro mini and the spi display.
    I designed the board to be only single layer. So it shouldn’t be to hard to etch your own copy. Actually I did that for my first prototype.

  3. Yeah, THAT BOARD wouldn’t be a waste. But I still think they should have a 1 or 2 option for boards that people sell. It just seems wasteful.

    After looking at my Weller for a while I think I may want a different LED. And THAT is why Open Source is so good!

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