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Posted on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 in DIY by DP


MatthiasW over at DebuggingLab posted his DIY Weller station clone project, that is available at Github:

At the Forum I read about a DIY Weller station. Basically an Arduino shield to drive a Weller soldering tip. As there is not much to it, the board simply contains an precision OpAmp, a power MOSFET, 2 buttons for adjusting the temperature and a display to show the current values. This design looks like a good starting point for my own advanced project. As I have lately discovered a 1,8 inch SPI TFT at for an amazing price ( ~ 4.60 $ / 3,70 €), I started using them regularly in my projects. So I surely wanted to use it with this soldering station as well.

Via the comments.

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3 Responses to “DIY soldering station”

  1. planetjay says:

    That is really cool. Would love to build one and mod my old Weller. Sucks you have to buy 10 boards though.

  2. MatthiasW says:

    10 boards are bit much, thats true, but they are so cheap :). And you can always use the spare boards for prototyping with the arduino pro mini and the spi display.
    I designed the board to be only single layer. So it shouldn’t be to hard to etch your own copy. Actually I did that for my first prototype.

  3. planetjay says:

    Yeah, THAT BOARD wouldn’t be a waste. But I still think they should have a 1 or 2 option for boards that people sell. It just seems wasteful.

    After looking at my Weller for a while I think I may want a different LED. And THAT is why Open Source is so good!

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