Double sided vinyl sticker PCB toner transfer

Mincior made a tutorial on DIY double sided PCBs using vinyl stickers as your toner transfer substrate. We wrote about his vinyl sticker method in an earlier post, but this one covers synchronization between the two layers as well. This is a different way of making a double sided PCB, having one feature in common […]

Another toner transfer circuit board making guide

Sometimes prototyping your boards needs to be done quickly. Etching boards at home is the quickest way to knock up simple designs. There’s tons of ways to do it, one of the most popular is the toner transfer method. A circuit design is laser-printed on glossy paper, then transferred to a clean copper board with […]

DIY PIC16F883 breakout board

Phil made a DIY breakout board for the PIC16F883 microcontroller. The board uses a surface-mount single-layer design, and the parts are nicely spaced.  It’s an easy board to make at home using the DIY toner-transfer method of PCB etching. You can download the source files and other design data from his site. Via Jumperone.

Easy toner transfer PCBs with hacked laminator

When you make PCBs with the toner transfer method, you have to spend around 10 minutes per board sweating over a hot clothes iron while the toner melts to the PCB. Ahmad Tabbouch though a laminator might be an easier solution, but the default temperature is too low.  This tutorial shows how to hack a […]