TIDeals on the Piccolo controlSTICK

TIDeals is offering the Piccolo TMDX28069USB controlSTICK at $33 including free international shipping. This is a 25%15% discount off the regular $39 price. They say:

Start designing with C2000’s 32-bit Piccolo MCUs which help you do more with less. And, the easiest way to get started is get the F28069 controlSTICK which has everything you need in a small USB-stick development kit.

The innovative F28069 Piccolo controlSTICK allows quick and easy evaluation all of the advanced capabilities of TI’s Piccolo microcontroller, which combine floating-point core, new complex math unit and control-oriented peripheral options for renewable energy, PLC & motor control.

See TIDeals for this limited time offer.

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  1. Yeah, that doesn’t add up. It should be around $30. And when sold at the regular price the shipping is included so that didn’t factor into to TI’s computations. Maybe they should dust off their trusty TI-30 and recompute the price…

  2. As usual, sold out almost instantly. Interestingly, the mail from TI this time said how many they had. A stunning 100… So why do they bother even pretending that it’s possible to get hold of the ‘deal’ for a fortnight when they’re invariably sold out within minutes.

    Really not impressed with TI’s marketing – I’m sure they’d get much more of a positive image out of lesser discounts for more customers. Having said that, the first ones were ~50% off, and now we’re down to a couple of bucks…

  3. Yeah, these TIDeals are no deal for me. I’ve never been able to actually purchase one. I live in the GMT+7 time zone. Now when I see these deals on the Web, I just look at the comments to see how many other people TI is pissing off…

  4. I have picked up a few deals. You just need to wait until the time they publish and not to delay placing your order. My main problem with that dsp range from TI is there is no free toolchain afaik.

  5. Alex Kephart from TI replied via email to state that the 25% off was a TI typo; they really meant to say %15 off.

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