TIDeals: MSP-EXP430F5529 USB experimenter’s board

Bluehash from 43Oh writes to inform us of today’s TiDeal: the MSP430F5529 USB Experimenter’s Board. “On the board itself is USB connectivity, a five-button capacitive touch pad, a MicroSD slot with a 1GB card included, a 102 X 64 dot matrix LCD, four push buttons, three LEDs, a scroll wheel/potentiometer.” TI is offering this dev board for $74.50, half off the usual price of $149.

Via the contact form.

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      1. I was wondering how I managed to not see those when I was looking for suitable radios, but they look pretty new! The 433MHz one isn’t out yet, but I’m excited to get one when it does! I have a launchpad too…

    1. Not sure if you’re still playing with the 433 MHz chronos, but…
      (A) I’m working on a CC1101 (433) + EXP430F5529 project right now.
      (B) Some of my friends at Wizzilab are doing great things with the Chronos 433 kit. They’ve even put together a free IDE with Code::Blocks and mspgcc
      (C) I’m also working on various other 433 MHz modules.

      My project is OpenTag, which is a 433 MHz centric IoT/M2M stack. It’s 433-centric because it implements DASH7 and because it makes design assumptions that multihop is not of great importance (at 433 MHz, it certainly isn’t). You can check the wiki, which is admittedly incomplete, but it’s a good starting point. http://wiki.indigresso.com

  1. $75 bucks – yikes! And that’s half off… Buy three Raspberry Pi’s running full blown Linux instead (if and when we ever can).

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