Killing cformsII contact form SPAM with regex

It used to be a trickle of two or three a day, but lately we’ve been hammered with hundreds of automated SPAM submissions through the cformsII contact form plugin we use with WordPress. The contact form feeds into a Google Groups mailing list that forwards to the whole team. 99% of the SPAM advertised a […]

A look at our spammer friends

The Akismet spam filter service we use on blog comments seems to be letting lots of spam through lately. We’re moderating all comments with links, as well as first time posters. That requires human interaction and increases lag between posting and seeing a comment, so we’ll continue to look for better options. Thanks to everyone […]

Comments with links will require manual approval due to spam overload

We are being spammed like crazy and the a kismet filter seems helpless to stop it. Until we can get a handle on it all comments with any links at all will have to be manually approved. So sorry for the inconvenience, we’re working on a custom plugin based on lessons learned from the forum […]

We get letters: More SEO and Realize Inc rapid prototyping spam

I need your help. Realize Inc. is a competitor of mine. I fired my SEO firm for spamming everyone. However, I’m now on page 2 while Realize is top of page 1. They have an unfair advantage over me because I won’t engage in spamming practices. Is there any way that you know of to […]

ANTI-SPAM MOD: Disable links to fight spam in phpBB3

Spam poured in after our recent move to a phpBB3 forum. Captchas, registration questions, and other measures only stopped the stupidest scripts and annoyed everyone. No more of that cat and mouse game, we’re trying something new. We deny spammers what they want: most links are now disabled for new users and guests. This dead-simple […]