We get letters: More SEO and Realize Inc rapid prototyping spam

Posted on Friday, January 27th, 2012 in site by Ian

I need your help. Realize Inc. is a competitor of mine. I fired my SEO firm for spamming everyone. However, I’m now on page 2 while Realize is top of page 1. They have an unfair advantage over me because I won’t engage in spamming practices. Is there any way that you know of to get Google to push them down or for me to compete without spamming? They are hurting my business tremendously.

We don’t have much advise aside from what what was in the Realize Inc editorial. There’s no way to manipulate search engines in the long run, Google et al have rooms of PhDs dedicated to search quality. Search engines want fresh content and will reward you for it. Start a blog and write about what’s happening in your company, post something every day. Make how-tos about designing for your rapid prototyping processes. Show your machines and give a tutorial on how they work. People will enjoy it and link to you on their blogs, the search engines will eat your yummy content, and your (prospective) customers get extra info to help use your services. Win, win, win. If you do any cool how-tos or tutorials please give us a shout and we’ll post it on our blog.

There’s also a HUGE DIY community doing 3D modeling. Get involved and your name will be synonymous with these services. Many people doing SLA, etc for a hobby are doing it during the day for a big company too (or are students about to move to industry). Realize INC is specifically avoiding this market, but the links from a few DIY blogs are worth a thousand times more than the crappy forum spam links Realize is posting.

Even if you don’t want to do low volumes for hobbyists, there’s other ways to get into the DIY community. We’ve been applying to Protomold for their Cool Idea free mold program because we have a case for one of our projects, but are not big enough to afford a custom mold. They will give us the mold if we win, we buy the actual cases at normal prices – and they get lots of quality info on the web.

None of this is without effort, which is why were so upset with Realize INC. They stole our ranking to improve their own, and justified it because they didn’t have time to write content and had a family. Well…us too! We reported them to various databases for spamming, but I imagine it takes several reports before anything is done otherwise the system is too easy to abuse. However, for a while our editorial about Realize INC spam appeared as the second search result for Realize INC.

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  1. Toto says:

    I still believe in SEO content is KING, and DP contents is fresh and original.
    alexa rank DP vs Realize INC >> 82,924 vs 6,033,744
    hubspot marketing gradder DP vs Realize INC >> 80 vs 56

    DP still at the top :)

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