Vulcan-74: A 6502 Retro MegaProject

Radical Brad over at the forum has been working on this cool 7400 logic VGA video game system, Vulcan-74: The Goals… Video must be perfectly stable VGA, putting out 256 colors at a resolution of 400×300 using an 8 bit color space divided into RRR-GGG-BB Video must include full 256 color 400×300 bitmapped screens with a […]

1-Pixel Pacman

Mike Szczys of Hackaday built 1-Pixel Pacman and wrote a blog post detailing its assembly: I usually see retro-gaming projects using tiny screens with a fair number of pixels (64×64) but what I really like is the look of making every pixel count. With this in mind I built 1-Pixel Pac-Man, the classic coin-op experience but with […]

Retro typewriter as USB keyboard

Here’s a unique project which repurposes old manual typewriters as keyboards for computers or Ipads, using an Arduino as the intermediary. It’s the brainchild of Jack Zylkin, a Philadelphia-based electrical engineer who has designed a kit that makes the conversion reasonably easy for anyone who enjoys hands-on projects. Jack explains: Here’s how the computer attached […]