Vulcan-74: A 6502 Retro MegaProject

Radical Brad over at the forum has been working on this cool 7400 logic VGA video game system, Vulcan-74: The Goals… Video must be perfectly stable VGA, putting out 256 colors at a resolution of 400×300 using an 8 bit color space divided into RRR-GGG-BB Video must include full 256 color 400×300 bitmapped screens with a […]

7400 Contest: 24 hours left

Reminder to all those interested in entering their projects into our Open 7400 Logic Competition: Entries must be received by October 21, 2011, 6AM GMT. You only have 24 hours left to send your entry in. Entering Entries can be posted on in our forum, on your personal blog, or even a handy how-to site like Instructables. When you’re […]

Replacing discrete 7400 logic devices with CPLDs

Whether you are working on a retro computing device, or experimenting with digital logic, you’ll find that in most instances CPLDs can perform the same operations as a cluster of 7400 series discrete logic chips. Discrete logic devices, long considered the workhorses of the semiconductor industry, held a unit cost advantage over programmable logic devices […]