Temperature controlled reflow oven build

Matt of SkyLabs has a nice build log about a temperature controlled reflow oven he built using an Arduino based PID controller and a standard toaster oven: We have successfully managed to build a temperature controlled reflow oven using an Arduino based PID controller and a standard toaster oven from Robert Dyas! This is a must […]

Reflow oven controller with graphics TFT

A reflow oven controller with graphics TFT by 0xPIT: Arduino-based reflow oven controller with: PID loop control Wave Packet and Phase Fired control for AC outputs graphic TFT LC-Display, drawing the temperature curves – using an Adafruit 1.8″ TFT or derivate display solely controlled using a cheap rotary encoder and it’s single button stores up to […]

Reflow toaster oven using an Arduino

Ray Wang writes, “Hi, I recently built a reflow toaster oven using an Arduino. I know it’s pretty standard stuff, but my version has an automatic oven door opener (using a servo) and circulation fan to speed up the cooling time, and remote notification using an RF transmitter.” You can find the project details on […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #55: Infrared reflow oven Qinsi QS-5100

After you’ve dispensed solder paste it’s time to reflow all that solder. This is where the reflow oven comes in. It seems like reflow hot plates are a more popular choice in most small shops because they’re smaller, cheaper, and it’s easier to monitor the reflow process. A reflow oven is a lot more convenient […]

Reflow soldering toaster oven

Frank wrote an instructable about a solder reflow oven made from a toaster: As I get more serious into my electronics hobby, I need to work with more SMD components. Some component packages are very difficult or impossible to solder with a traditional soldering iron. To solve this problem, I decided to hack a toaster […]