Testing the new reduced-sized ICSP connector

This week we received a batch of PCBs and amongst them was the latest revision of our USB TFT breakoutboard. This board is the first board that features a new ICSP footprint, which occupies less space on the PCB and should improve testing and programming times at Seeed.

Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter back in stock

The Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter is back in stock at Seeed. It enables a Bus Pirate v3 (only!) to program PIC 12/16/18Fs that need a 13volt hit on MCLR to enter programming mode. You can program PIC 18FxxJ/24/30/33F without an adapter, and some experimental PIC32 support is also available in the forum. At this […]

Bus Pirate and PiratePICprog programms PIC32

AndThen added support for PIC32 devices to PiratePICprog, the PIC programming application for the Bus Pirate. He needs help testing it. If you have a PIC32 and a Bus Pirate try it out. Please note: PIC32 programming does not require the Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter. Via the forum.

Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter sold out

The Bus Pirate PIC programming adapters we made for developers are already gone. Seeed Studio is working on a couple more, in case some potential developers missed out. We started with a cautious 20 units, just for developers. We expected 20 to last a long time, since it’s totally unsupported hardware. Now we’re wondering where […]

Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter

An experimental PIC programming adapter for the Bus Pirate is now available for $7 at Seeed Studio. This is unproven green label hardware. Only buy this if you want to contribute to PIC programming applications like piratePICprog. There is NO software support, and the final hardware will be slightly different. If you need this for […]