Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter back in stock

The Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter is back in stock at Seeed. It enables a Bus Pirate v3 (only!) to program PIC 12/16/18Fs that need a 13volt hit on MCLR to enter programming mode. You can program PIC 18FxxJ/24/30/33F without an adapter, and some experimental PIC32 support is also available in the forum.

At this time only a handful of PICs can be programmed with the Bus Pirate. The PiratePICprog programming application is getting a lot of attention lately though, so we built a new batch of the programming adapters.

If you’re really into programming PICs, this is not the tool for you. $30 for a Bus Pirate + $10 for the adapter is more expensive than a PICkit clone, and you don’t get debugging. This is still relatively experimental and only suitable to developers who don’t mind compiling code.

Seeed currently has it listed at $12, but we’ll request a lower price. Some proceeds from the programming adapter will go to the volunteers who are adding PICs and improving the programming software.

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