Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter sold out

The Bus Pirate PIC programming adapters we made for developers are already gone. Seeed Studio is working on a couple more, in case some potential developers missed out.

We started with a cautious 20 units, just for developers. We expected 20 to last a long time, since it’s totally unsupported hardware. Now we’re wondering where they all went.

Did you order one? Do you plan to contribute?

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    1. It only takes one to add basic support for PIC10/12/14/16/18. The others are just variations on that.

      Let’s see what the future brings.. ;)

  1. On another topic: I just received my STM32 discovery board. Nice to see if the bus pirate can be ported to it ;) Just don’t wait I’ll do everything, as I’m little busy…

    1. That was my fault, and that is what I worry about.

      It’s only been verified by reading the ID and erasing a PIC 18F2550, so I wanted to emphasize that it was totally untested, what you see is what you get.

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