PZST – an open-source Propeller IDE in development [ Version 1.0.1 released! ]

Posted on Monday, August 22nd, 2011 in code, Linux, open source, Parallax Propeller by the machinegeek

Andrey Demenev has been developing PZST – an open-source Propeller IDE. Not wanting to use Windows any more than necessary, he wanted to develop an open source Propeller IDE for use with Linux. He states:

I have been always using Brad Campbell’s BST for Prop programming, and mostly was satisfied with it. But there are some troubles which make my work less productive than it could be, so I decided to create my own tool. Brad’s compiler is great, especially because of its code optimization features, so I have no reasons not to use it in backend – that saved me a lot time, I do not have to write my own compiler at least.

The work is still in progress, but I am posting on the Parallax Propeller forums as I want community input on features list etc.

Project info and all comments and updates can be found on the Parallax forums.

The latest PZST Source code and the user manual can be found at Google code.

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