Bringing OpenWRT to TL-WA801ND v2 (Part 2, building OpenWRT)

TasksOfOhm has posted a detailed tutorial on building OpenWRT on TL-WA801ND v2 : After getting some details about the board it was time to create a build environment. In my case this was just about copying one of the VMs I have prepared just for this purpose. The build environment requires a Linux machine whereas it doesn’t […]

TL-WR703N, TL-WR720N & TL-MR3020 images + secret sauce

Madox uploaded several firmware images for the TL-WR703N, TL-WR720N & TL-MR3020, get them from the Madox Google Code page: Based on OpenWRT r36503, it has the new 3.8.10 kernel as well as the new LuCi theme.  Due to the slowly expanding size of the kernel and the packages, I had to drop 3G out from […]

OpenWRT router interfaced to an Arduino

Yesterday we talked about the cheap OpenWRT supported TP-Link WR703N Wi-Fi router. This instructable describes how to interface it to an Arduino board, and compares it to other Linux boards like the Raspberry Pi. So far the nicest solution I have found is one of the world’s smallest pocket routers TP Link WR703N. Cheapest in […]

TP-Link WR703N lowest cost openWRT compatable Wi-Fi router

The TP-Link WR703N (machine translation) is a small Wi-Fi router that’s easy to hack, and flash with openWRT. The best feature about it is that it cost only $20 on eBay. It features a single host USB connector making it easy to connect USB devices to it. The processor runs at 400Mhz, with 4MB of […]