TP-Link WR703N lowest cost openWRT compatable Wi-Fi router

Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 in gadget, hacks by DP

The TP-Link WR703N (machine translation) is a small Wi-Fi router that’s easy to hack, and flash with openWRT. The best feature about it is that it cost only $20 on eBay. It features a single host USB connector making it easy to connect USB devices to it. The processor runs at 400Mhz, with 4MB of flash memory, and 32MB of RAM.

Via the forum.

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7 Responses to “TP-Link WR703N lowest cost openWRT compatable Wi-Fi router”

  1. Vladimir says:

    There is an opensource expander board for this router:
    Board features a usb hub and FTDI dual serial/GPIO/JTAG adapter.

  2. Destate9 says:

    I hate to be that guy, but I think you got a little something on your board… that blue durp on the IC

  3. mike says:

    even better have a look at the expansion board these guys (Sydney hackerspace & Kean Electronics) have made for it

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