OLinuXino-Micro ARM9 Linux board available at Mouser

Brightbluejim let us know that the OLinuXino-Micro ARM9 Linux board is available at Mouser for $30. It runs at 454 MHz, has 64 MB of RAM, an SD-card reader, TV PAL/NTSC video output, one USB High-Speed host port, and an a Pi-tossing 60 GPIO pins broken out.

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  1. So “Pi-tossing” has now entered our lexicon? Can I suggest
    Pi-chrushing, Pi-shaming, Pi-popping, Pi-topping (I like this one).

  2. Arm9 inferior to Rpi’s Arm11; 454Mhz slower than Rpi’s 700Mhz; 64MB ram less than Rpi’s 128 or 256MB; cost is more than Rpi; yes 60 GPIO >26 GPIO but other than that it seems the Pi is OlinuXino-tossing?

    1. Hi Charles,

      It really wasn’t intended as a slight against R-Pi, just a stupid segway to keep the posts more interesting to read. Sorry if we offended.

    2. Its much smaller than an rpi, has more peripherals, uses a lot less power, and it’s cheaper and more available. It’s also Open Hardware unlike the rpi. It’s basically one of the smallest cheapest things you can run Linux on. it’s a different beast than the rpi.

    3. Unlike the broadcom SOC the Rpi usesm, complete (and accurate) datasheet for the processor in the olinuxino is available and being a QFP you can build one yourself. That’s Rpi-tossing on my book.

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