App note: Using ShockBurst with nRFL01 and nRFLU1 ICs

Nordic’s nRF 2.4GHz transceivers come with a built in ShockBurst transmission mode. This app note describes how to implement it using the nRFL01 and nRFLU1 ICs. ShockBurst is a special transmission mode built into nRF devices. It allows microcontrollers to send and receive raw data, while the nRF chips handle the transmission and reception internally. […]

App note: nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz wireless transceiver

The nRF24L01+ ICs are 2.4GHz transceivers that only need a few external parts. They’re controlled by a simple SPI protocol, and two extra pins. The IRQ pin signals when data is available and can be used to wake a microconroller with an interrupt.  The CE pin is an input activates/deactivates the transceiver. 126 channels are […]

MSPism: Nordic 2.4 + MSP/MSP mini battery board

Brian shared a MSP + ISM radio design with onboard battery. It was designed to work with this module. It uses  MSP430G2553 mcu in conjunction with the Nordic nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver chip. The design also incorporates headers compatible with Digi XBee radio and a CR1225 battery holder.Tthe programing of the chip can be done from the […]