Nixie Tube Thing – Dirty PCB to the rescue!


Crawford writes:

I have been lusting over the Nixie Tube Driver that Ian brought to the 2012 World Maker Faire. When I met him there I asked about board production, but he explained it was a one-time thing. Fair enough.

Well it’s 2014 now and DirtyPCB exists. I grabbed the design off the forum, and shot it off to DirtyPCB for fabbing. Attached you’ll see the first build driving some old nixies I had in the vintage drawer.

I dropped the PCB design in the DirtyPCB store. (Of course, I take no credit for the design – it’s all Ian). If you want some, go buy some!

Thanks Ian! Thanks Open Source Hardware! Thanks DirtyPCB!

Happy New Year All !

Via the project log forum.

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