DataBot haptic mouse

DataBot Mouse from Jan Barth on Vimeo.

The DataBot is a specially modified mouse prototype that communicates three different data properties to the user. For example, it can indicate the size of files, the user-assigned importance or the file’s relative activity (times accessed.) The hardware mod involves the installation of a small servo-motor inside an optical mouse which provides braking action to the mouse’s rollerball, thereby varying the rolling resistance to the user.

DaaBot was developed by Jan Barth and Roman Grasy, two Interaction Design students based in Germany, using Arduino and VVVV.

They’ve also developed a hard drive in a specially designed case which expands and contracts based upon the amount of space used.

For more details on this project, visit Roman Grasy’s code project page. We’d like to see the source and schematic on this.

Via WonderHowTo.

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  1. That actually sounds extremely similar to an old Logitech model called iFeel MouseMan. It’s an 11 year old model (still have one in the drawer) that, besides being the ergonomically best mouse i’ve ever had or seen, had a unique haptic engine inside, accompanied by custom drivers and APIs.

    It made it possible to “feel” the boundaries of UI widgets, grid lines in Excel, icons on the desktop… It could also give “texture” to certain surfaces, as well as add haptic feedback to some games (Unreal, for example – the gattling gun effect was awesomely pulled off).

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