One dollar variable fan controller

Posted on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 in components, how-to by the machinegeek

Mountaindude has been spending some time lately working on 12V fan controllers and thought he’d share his experiences so far.

“While trying out various computer and network gear, I quite often find the fans too loud. They are of course there for a good reason, but experience tells that the device usually works just fine with less cooling.

Going through a 7805 data sheet for other reasons, I suddenly realized that a 7805 set up in variable voltage configuration should work great as a fan controller. These 12V fans usually run just fine down to 5-6 volts, but at lower RPMs, and thus quieter. Just what was needed!”

You can find project details and schematic at Ptarmigan Labs.

Via the contact form.

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4 Responses to “One dollar variable fan controller”

  1. charting says:

    for nice, quiet fans, I hook them up to 5VDC via a USB connector…

  2. kerimil says:

    ohh come on it’s not that dedicated chips are very expensive.. plus as someone has already posted it might be be a better option to reduce voltage. I don’t like the idea of wasting power thorugh 7805

  3. Michael Taylor says:

    kerimil: You mean like a fancy 555/556 based PWM fan-speed controller?

    Of course, as it says at Ptarmigan Labs, Mountaindude built it with junk-box parts on-hand, while a you may not have a PWM controller or a small microcontroller (e.g. ATtiny or PIC10) and (if necessary) pass transistor just lying around.

    It is good for a cheap and quick hack, but a PWM controller based on a dual timer (556) and IRF5x0 MOSFET would be preferable at least in general, with the benefit of reduced thermal dissipation and still low cost.

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