App note: EFM32 Energy Modes

Application note from Silicon Labs on their EFM32 energy saving microcontrollers, some interesting points are discussed how these type of microcontrollers can conserve power. Link here (PDF) In battery powered microcontroller applications, energy saving is essential. By reducing the current consumption, the mean time between battery charging / replacement can be significantly increased. Following these principles will […]

A GUI and CLI utility for EFM32’s UART bootloader

Mario writes: I’ve been doing mostly sensor-based systems and I think these microcontrollers are the perfect fit. ARM Cortex (they go from M0 to M4, and their series seem to keep growing), an architecture that was specially designed for low-power sensor-based embedded systems, allowing to measure “stuff” while the CPU is stopped, a nice set […]

Programming a Silicon Labs’ EFM32 zero gecko with python via the Bus Pirate

‏@andete  tweeted: programming a +Silicon Labs  EFM32 zero gecko with python via the Bus Pirate; code at Github andete/PySWD (based on other people’s work) ; it’s really slow though; I should add fast programming mode based on the code in an0062 Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from […]

A self-powered battery tester with an EFM32

A self-powered battery tester with an EFM32 by Hlipka: So the idea that came to my mind was: why not build a proper battery meter which can give real and accurate numbers. That can’t be so complicated! And since the EFM32 is so low-power, why not make it powered from the battery I’m currently measuring? Drawing […]

Energy Micro EFM32 design contest

Energy Micro is conducting a design contest based on their EFM32 product line. The contest is looking for great low power design ideas based on an EFM32 and is open for entries until October 31, 2012. From those entries an Energy Micro jury will then select up to 40 submissions that will receive a free […]