EFM32 MCU ARM cortex M3/0 based

Viswesr wrote to us about the EFM32 MCU from Energy Micro:

Recently, I discovered EFM32 MCU (ARM Cortex M3/0 based) from Energy Micro when looking for a very low power MCU. I was impressed on how this MCU reduces power consumption (refer: 10 factors that make the 10 factors that make the 32-bit EFM32 the world’s most energy friendly micro-controller . EFM32 employs independent low power peripherals which wakes up the CPU only when necessary. It has a Peripheral Reflex System (PRS) which connects events from one peripheral to another without CPU intervention. This is somewhat analogous to brain(CPU) and a spinal cord(PRS). Spinal cord has a limited decision making capability without brain’s intervention!!! The starter kits are prices at $69. It comes with a Segger debugger ! and a special energy monitoring feature which can measure very low current (from 100nA) using a precision current amplifier. I have seen other ARM Cortex M3/M0 MCUs, this is a very nice implementation. See the datasheets and you would be impressed. At the moment they are only available in QFN , QFP and BGA packages which make prototyping difficult, but, the inbuilt features will reduce overall bill of material when compared to other ARM Cortex M3 implementations.

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