Bus Pirate bootloader v4 console for Linux, Mac

Posted on Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 in Bus Pirate by Ian

It looks like some people are having problems with the ds30 Loader GUI for the Bus Pirate v4 bootloader on Linux or Mac with Mono, and many would prefer not to install Mono at all.

pppd cooked up a simple console application (updated version here) for the v4 bootloader in Linux and MacOSX (and Windows). Follow the link for instructions, source, and precompiled binaries.

If you test the console app, please let us know how it goes. After some testing we’ll package it with the normal firmware archive downloads.

[Tux image]

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5 Responses to “Bus Pirate bootloader v4 console for Linux, Mac”

  1. Maurus Cuelenaere says:

    The ds30 Loader GUI did work for me (Ubuntu karmic), however I needed to update X in order to view the text labels on the buttons.

    After trying ~3 times it finally uploaded the new bootloader.

    However, I agree, a non-GUI solution would be nice to have.

  2. ninjabong says:

    DANG that was fast! Already updated my v2go to firmware 4.1 but verified it’s functioning ok:

    ./ds30client_macosx –hello –dev=/dev/cu.usbserial-A7004Iqz –verbose
    + DS30Loader client for Buspirate v2/v3 +

    Opening serial device /dev/cu.usbserial-A7004Iqz…OK
    Configuring serial port settings…OK
    Sending Hello to the Bootloader…OK

    Device ID: PIC24FJ64GA002 [d4]
    Bootloader version: 1,02

    • Ian says:

      Thanks for the printout, may I add it to the manual? Is that all the info the console displays? If there’s more, could you please post it in the forum or email it to me?

  3. pppd says:

    This is output of the –hello which is “Check for Bl” in the Windows GUI.

    When you flash your BP you will get full log of page erase, row write etc. Additionally if you add –verbose you will also get the actual data which is sent to the BL. If you want a full log of an update session I can send it to you.

  4. Mackey says:

    Both ds30 Loader gui and console works well for me, I’ve tried it under openSuse 11.2 and Ubuntu 9.1

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