Building a “$5 Forth computer” – first steps


Ken Boak writes:

In this post we look at a new MSP430 FRAM based device – the MSP430FR2433. It has 15K of FRAM, 0.5K of Info FRAM and 4K bytes of SRAM. As well as the memory, there are 3 serial communications interfaces, a multichannel 10 bit ADC and 3 timers. All of this in a tiny low cost package – which makes an almost perfect Forth Computer.
The MSP430FR2433 from Texas Instruments costs about $1.36 in volume – and $2.58 in 1 off.
With a little creative design, low cost parts and a tiny 2 layer pcb we are en-route to offering a Forth Computer which could cost as little as $5 when produced in volume.

More details at┬áKen’s blog.

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    1. KH,

      Thanks for your interest

      The featured blog post really only covers the mcu and RAM part of the module. The rest of the computer consists of a 2 board stack 50mm x 50mm which includes 1024 x 768 24bit video, keyboard, mouse uSD and wifi.

      The video generation board with keyboard, mouse and audio is here,

      And the main board with WiFi, wireless, bluetooth low energy, microSD card, USB – serial converter, LiPo boost converter, that’s all here.

      Technically speaking, if a processor can execute code from external memory, it makes it a microcomputer, as opposed to microcontroller.


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