USB-MSD bootloader for the KwikStik development board

Mark made a USB bootloader for the Kwikstik development board. We covered this board in April, and they’ve promised us 5 to give away when the next batch is in. I have added K40 (including KwikStik) support to the uTasker project. See the following for details: It includes a USB-MSD boot loader for the KwikStik, […]

Kinetis KWIKSTIK development board

Drone tipped us to the cheap development board for Kinetis MCUs: Freescale has a neat looking “Kinetis KWIKSTIK” dev kit for $29 USD. This looks like an ARM Cortex M4(?) with LCD, audio out, IR, Mic, buzzer, SDCard, JTAG, & USB. The dev tools don’t look exactly FOSS though (typical). Looks kinda’ cool. Would be […]