Visualizing comparator and Op Amp hysteresis

Kerry Wong writes: Hysteresis can be added to a comparator circuit to improve its stability, especially when the input signal is noisy. In this post, we will examine the hysteresis characteristics of some common comparator and Op Amps using an oscilloscope. Perhaps the most intuitive way to visualize the hysteresis in a circuit is to […]

App note: Tips ‘n tricks for comparators in PIC microcontrollers

A collection of tips and tricks from Microchip for using the comparator module on PIC12F and PIC16F microcontrollers. These peripherals usually have high propagation delays, but many applications don’t require high response times from the microcontroller. This app note outlines 20 different applications where integrated comparators might come in handy, such as low battery detection, […]

App note: Op-amp/comparator module for dsPIC

Some dsPIC33E and PIC24E microcontrollers have an comparator module that can function as an op-amp [PDF]. The module can be used as a simple non-inverting amplifier by adding two external resistors, no external op-amp chip needed. The output can be read internally by the ADC module, or routed externally to use in your circuit.