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  1. Honestly I’d use a source control system over any form of file sharing. You’ll get versioning of files at the same and you can easily see the difference between your current changes and the last time you stores a new revision (and a whole lot of other features).

    In addition, if you use something like GitHub or Gitorious to store your code, it’s super easy for other people to “fork” your code and change it. Sharing changes and working collectively suddenly becomes super easy!

  2. I use dropbox for my Eagle CAD projects and libraries, it’s great to keep everything up to date. I use tortoise SVN for code for versioning.

  3. In case you guys didnt know, dropbox DOES offer built in versioning (on a file by file basis). It’s obviously not meant to replace a versioning system but as a quick solution it works. Right click on a file in your dropbox, click on the dropbox menu then “View Previous Versions”.

    1. As someone who programs professionally, I’d much rather a true version control. I only want changed files that I’ve commited to be good, not something that Dropbox puts up cause in the end it could be broken code and that would be well…. bad.

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