Workshop Update for April 1st, 2013

We continue to source parts for the upcoming kits in Shenzhen. Taking pictures as they arrive, and assembling an instructional booklet. Work on the in-depth documentation continues. Another image was generated.  At your request we changed the angle a bit. We also generated the standard up-front view of this exercise, which you can check out […]

Workshop Update for March 15th, 2013

We continue working on the Bus Pirate Edu Kit documentation. The image above is used in an exercise where you build your own Bus Pirate LCD adapter on the bread board using only a 74HCT595 and a potentiometer. It’s the schematic representation of the 3D model image released yesterday. Packed components for (re)working projects in […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #59: 946A+ solder reflow hot plate

This week we take a look at the 946A+ solder reflow hot plate from our last Shenzhen equipment haul. There’s a ton of no-name 946A+ out there, ours happens to be D-GOLD. They’re all pretty similar, and run about $50 in Shenzhen. Using a kitchen hot plate is a common hack for DIY reflow soldering, […]

Workshop Update for March 13th, 2013

We applied for Bay Area Maker Faire table and presentation. Only two days left! Check out the video from our last years visit. Updated the “Buy Stuff” menu in the left column to clear old projects and added a link to distributors at Epic Tinker’s suggestion. We reviewed some new banners that will be circulating […]

Workshop Update for March 8th, 2013

This year we file as a multi-member LLC, which is classified as a partnership by default. First we did form 1065, basically a summary of the business with income, deductions, and section 179 (depreciated) property attachments (form 4562). Also a 1225-A Cost of Goods sold for the PCB store experiment, as well as a Schedule […]

Workshop Update for February 27th, 2013

Slowly building up the library of models for the Bus Pirate Edu Kit exercises. To make sure everyone can easily hook up any exercise, we’ll add top-down views, schematics, and wiring tables. Here’s an example of a wiring table for the exercise above. MCP9701A Pin1 – E1 Pin2 – E2 Pin3 – E3 Wires Black: […]