Workshop Update for March 27th, 2013

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 in Workshop Update by DP


Today we sourced parts for a few upcoming dangerous prototypes part kits. We also visited tailors in Louhu to talk about DP t-shirts and other fashion. In the workshop we worked on documentation, and some Eagle library ULPs.

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5 Responses to “Workshop Update for March 27th, 2013”

  1. JBeale says:

    beautiful rendering, but you really need to adjust your viewing angle so the pins don’t perfectly line up, as they do here and obscure which wire goes where.

  2. Tom says:

    Looking better all the tome. I think you shoukd use a different colour for the heatshrink on the ends of the wires. It is quite difficult to tell what is connected where with the black on blace at the bp connector.

  3. Filip says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, but the nice renders are just for eye candy, and a general picture of how an excersize should look assembled. We have birds eye view, schematinc, and a breadboard wiring table for precise instructions on how to assemble the exercises.. These renders take ~5-8h to get crunched on my computer, so when I’m done with all the exercises in one angle I’ll do others as well, so it’s one a day for now…

    • JBeale says:

      I appreciate that the slick renders are computationally intensive. I just thought as long as you are going to that much trouble, in future why not make your “eye-candy” default view say 10 degrees off the axis of the breadboard. The 90-degree top-down view is likely best for wiring, but that angle is less impressive as eye candy.

  4. Kevin says:

    How do you guys make these sick 3D models? They’re awesome. I’d love to know how you do it.

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