USB port in wall gives new meaning to file sharing

What would you do if you saw a USB connector sticking out of the wall in a public place? Makers in New York City want find out! They’re launching project “USB Dead Drop”,  an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network using USB flash drives embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to passersby.  Just […]

Open source PIC USB demo for the IR Toy

Honken has an updated open source USB firmware for PIC microcontrollers. We ported the update to the IR Toy, you can load it up and test it yourself using the bootloader. This version is much more robust, and a number of bugs were squashed. The first character sent is no longer lost, and strings of […]

EEPROM programmer to a low-cost desktop test bench

Openschemes bought an inexpensive Top2005 multiple chip programmer, but they couldn’t get it to work well. In a two-part series they trace the circuit and create alternative FPGA bitstreams that turn it into a full-featured desktop test bench. Great writeup of a reverse engineering adventure. Via the forum, thanks for the tip IPenguin!