EEPROM programmer to a low-cost desktop test bench

Openschemes bought an inexpensive Top2005 multiple chip programmer, but they couldn’t get it to work well. In a two-part series they trace the circuit and create alternative FPGA bitstreams that turn it into a full-featured desktop test bench. Great writeup of a reverse engineering adventure.

Via the forum, thanks for the tip IPenguin!

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  1. Very good article :)

    I myself have 2 Willems that suffer with so many issues I think I got a about 3 good roms out of the 1 and nothing out of the other, they sat on the self for almost 2 years.

    I do wonder why these cheap Chinese made programmers are so poor, its a hit and miss game.

    1. I think software support and development are usually the most neglected part of any project. In part 1 of the article they mention that the Chinese language software is perfect, but the translated version was all kinds of messed up. They made their own translation for the Chinese version. A better alternative is an open device where anyone could modify the source, but I digress :)

      I guess these guys know who their market is, and it ain’t westerners buying them on eBay :) (just a joke, not necessarily my opinion)

      1. I said it with a smile ;) And you forget documentation ;)

        I realy like the way they describe the internals of the programmer. And yes we need some dp-cpld soon ;)

  2. For the ~$70 pricetag after shipping on ebay, I wonder what kind of a jtag-enabled or open-source-type clone you could make…

    I like the whole ‘chip exerciser’ idea of being able to poke various pins to VCC and ground, and script some automatic testing to see what the chip is, or is capable of, etc.

  3. Would be great to have a Open Workbench Logic Sniffer style clone of such a device. I also especially like the scripting idea.

  4. hi
    my name is farhad.i am student in elm o sanat kalej. i want to make a eeprom programmer but i don’t have a shematic circuit .so may you sent for me ?

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