App note: Pulse capabilities for thick film power resistors

Another app note from Vishay on their thick film power resistors on pulsed application. Link here (PDF)

Vishay Sfernice offers a wide range of thick film power resistors. Our resistors are able to dissipate from 5 W up to 1100 W with a large range of ohmic values (10 mOhm up to 1 MOhm).
The pulse capability of our resistors is a key specification formany customer applications.
The energy curve in the datasheets shows the maximum energy that can be applied over a given period.
In this application note, we use the example of our LPS 800 resistor to explain a method to evaluate whether the resistor is appropriate for a given application. This method can be used for each resistor type using the corresponding pulse curve or limiting voltage from the corresponding datasheet.

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