App note: How to Use an SiC Diode in a PFC Circuit

App note from Vishay on using the SiC’s diode no switching loss on PFC circuit. Link here (PDF)

An SiC diode is the optimal choice for power factor correction (PFC) in continuous conduction mode (CCM) because its particular reverse recovery characteristics reduce switching losses to almost zero.
The selection criteria for an SiC diode are different from the selection criteria for of an Si diode in the same circuit. Usually at high frequencies in CCM, Si diodes show switching losses that are not negligible. The current capability of each diode is defined as the DC current that in a certain thermal condition brings the TJ to its limit; normally 175 °C for an SiC diode and 150 °C to 175 °C for an Si diode.
The diode’s current capability is related to the maximum power that the diode is able to manage, evaluated only with DC current. However, a PFC diode is switching, so the device should be able to manage all dissipated power, not only conduction losses.

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