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  1. FYI: the PIC16F1454 costs about the same as ATtiny85 and is a proper USB Full-Speed device microcontroller (rather than V-USB’s bit-bashed USB Low-Speed approximation). There are open-source bootloaders, free C compilers, etc., etc.

  2. Agree, I would go for a part with a USB peripheral too. PIC16F1455 (14pin) is a better pick. Surprisingly, PIC16F1454 does not have an ADC, I only noticed that just now (I bought some PIC18F14K50 for my USB projects so I did not really notice that PIC16F1454 quirk). So buy PIC16F1454 if you really really don’t need analog peripherals. But anyone who buys 10 (for the discount) for their hobby projects should stick to a full featured part.

    I guess now we can see all the USB-capable chips for Microchip and *cough* Atmel here:

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