WiFi smoke detector


An instructables on how to make a WiFi smoke detector by Proto G:

This is a simple WiFI Smoke Detector that texts me when it senses smoke. I made this for my battery storage area in case of a lithium polymer fire. I still have all of my regular smoke detectors installed and I don’t suggest relying only on this, but rather as an extra layer of protection. If I had a house I would install a proper fire alarm system that calls the fire department, but I live in a small apartment so I can’t. I can set this one to email and call the local fire department as well(local laws apply). In my county it is allowed as long as you register it with the fire department. Either way, I would rather call the fire department myself when I receive multiple texts.

Check out the video after the break.

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    1. On the linked project page, there are comments doubting the sensor’s (MQ2) performance with smoke. But the MQ2 data sheet does mention smoke detection and there is a line in the graph, though personally I have only read about detection of gases (like H2, butane, etc.) using the sensor material, tin dioxide. I wonder if anyone here has found alternative sensor parts, other than taking apart actual smoke detectors.

      I guess it will work, just read the MQ2 data sheet, then study the many online circuit examples. Interfacing requirements is not difficult. It will probably consume too much power to be a battery-powered appliance, but some kind of battery backup would be nice otherwise your project will not protect you when grid power is down.

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