AMQUMO: A Xively AMbient QUality MOnitor built on ATmega328


Davide Gironi published a new build, AMQUMO -an ATmega328 AMbient QUality MOnitor:

AMQUMO logs 4 environmental parameters:
-Ambient Noise

The data it is logged to the platform, and displayed to the user through 4 bi-color leds. It can be used to monitor you Office Ambient Quality over the parameters logged.
This project it is built upon the xively logger ATmega328 library
So, a web page can be used to setup network parameters, and xively tokens.  Network can be set using a Static IP, Gateway, NET Mask, or DHCP.
Obviously xively feed number and API token can be setup by that web page.

More details at Davide’s blog.

Check out the video after the break.

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