AMQUMO: A Xively AMbient QUality MOnitor built on ATmega328

Davide Gironi published a new build, AMQUMO -an¬†ATmega328 AMbient QUality MOnitor: AMQUMO logs 4 environmental parameters: -Humidity -Temperature -Ambient Noise -Brightness The data it is logged to the platform, and displayed to the user through 4 bi-color leds. It can be used to monitor you Office Ambient Quality over the parameters logged. This project […]

CO2 meter and Xively logger with NDIR infrared sensor built on AVR ATmega328

Davide Gironi¬†published a new build an AVR ATmega328 based CO2, temperature and humidity logger and meter: It logs data feed, CO2 in air in terms of ppm, temperature and humidity to a feed. It also display realtime data to user through a 16×2 characters LCD. This logger it is based on the xively logger […]