App note: USB to I2C bridging with Microchip USB 2.0 Hubs


App note on Microchip’s USB 2.0 Hubs on its I2C support. PDF link here

The USB to I2C bridging feature of Microchip’s USB 2.0 hubs provides system designers expanded system control and potential BOM reduction. When using this feature in a system design, a separate USB to I2C device is no longer required and a downstream USB port is not lost, as would occur when a standalone USB to I2C device is implemented. This feature is available on Microchip hubs which contain the internal Hub Feature Controller. These hubs include USB2532, USB2533, USB2534, USB3613, USB3813, USB4604, USB4624. Commands may be sent from the USB Host to the internal Hub Feature Controller device in the Microchip hub to perform the following functions: Enable I2C Pass-Through Interface, I2C Write & I2C Read

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