Richard Visokey of AD7C made a DDS VFO using AD9850 and an Arduino Uno:

I built a simple VFO for a direct conversion receiver I am putting together. The VFO uses an AD9850 DDS chip to synthesis a nice 1Vp-p sinusoidal wave. I used an Arduino Uno to set the AD9850 frequency, drive an LCD display, and take input from a rotary encoder to set the output frequency.

Project info at AD7C.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. A bit tooting my own horn, but a lot better code for this type of VFO/generator is here:

    The original Richard’s code works, but it is not very pleasant to use and he seems to have stopped developing it in 2013.

    A yet another, more full-featured VFO is from M0XPD, this one may be preferrable if you plan on using it for exclusively radio work (more radio-specific features):

  2. Oh, apropos, my VFO is 3.3V, because some of those DDS modules don’t work reliably at 5V – they are fitted with only a 3.3V oscillator module!

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