TI releases the MSP432 microcontroller

Introducing MSP432: MSP’s new low-power 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4F MCUs

TI is announcing an expanded MSP portfolio including a new family of 32‐bit processors built on the ARM Cortex‐M4F core. The first family includes the MSP432P401x MCUs with 48MHz speed, 1MSPS 14‐bit ADC, up to 256KB flash, up to 64B RAM and low‐power operation of only 95uA/MHz active and 850nA in standby with RTC.

MSP432 FAQ here.

Via 43oh.

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  1. Oh someone at 43oh missed a kilo multiplier somewhere…
    Well, an M-series ARM with FPU on up to 64B RAM would be awesome in a special way, though not very practical. ;-)

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